The Time When Superman Had Revealed Batman’s Real Identity On Twitter, Here’s How It Happened.


Okay, so here’s the deal… Superman is a jerk. Really.

Well, now and then, he dies, leaves the planet to defend itself, and then returns with a mullet. Basically, he keeps wanting to boost his ego by reassuring the fact that the world needs him.

Mullets are not evil, but they do not strengthen this case. In the Golden Age, the Man of Steel had attempted to correct all his social ills by ruining many people’s lives, and in the Silver Age, he had taken pleasure in tormenting a few of his closest friends.

Well, does he gets bored of being righteous? Or, does he lose perspective on what is right and what is wrong?

We really do not know, but in either way, for all the good that he has done, the Man of Steel has made a career out of being well, ‘not-so-super.’

The thing about all these crazy and terrible things that Superman has done during Injustice: Gods Among Us is that it shows the kind of jerk that he is. Well, bad things do happen to people, but most of them do not take over the world as a response.

There was a time when Superman had revealed Batman’s secret identity via a post on Twitter.

Having been annoyed by Batman leading the anti-Superman resistance, Supes decides to something crazy. Bruce Wayne values his anonymity a lot and tries his best to stop this news from going viral.

But nothing stops the force of a tweet, and the message goes to almost everyone who has internet.