The Time When Superman And Hulk Fought, And The Battle Had An Interesting Outcome


Marvel and DC fans love going head to head by pitting their favorite superheroes against one another from different universes. This friendly to a fierce game of rivalry has inspired many a story arc by combining Marvel and Dc where they pit popular superheroes against each other, and the fans get to decide who wins.

Even though we’ve already discussed this battle time and time again, the idea of Superman going head to head with The Incredible Hulk is still one of the most popular based matches. The battle takes place in “Marvel Versus DC” #3. Though Superman came out of the match proving he was stronger of the two, there are a few differences between this fight and the one we saw in “Incredible Hulk vs. Superman.”

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For starters, we get to see the ’90s incarnations of the characters fighting. In this era, Superman rocks a mullet, and as for Hulk, Bruce Banner was in control of the Hulk form, meaning he also retained Bruce’s intelligence in Hulk form. Superman and Bruce are transported to the Grand Canyon where their fight begins. After trading a series of increasingly heavy blows, Superman defeats Hulk in the name of defending his universe and the woman he loves. He delivers a final thunderous blow to Hulk finishing the battle by basically dropping a mountain on him.