51 Hottest Suzanne Somers Bikini Pictures That Are Essentially Perfect

51 Hottest Suzanne Somers Bikini Pictures That Are Essentially Perfect

Suzanne Marie Somers Mahoney is a popular American actor, singer, author, health spokesperson, and businesswoman. Well!! This ageless veteran lady has so far released four diet books, a poetry book, and two autobiographies. Suzanne has come into limelight for her acting in Three’s Company, Step by Step, and she’s the Sherriff.

73-year-old Suzanne and her husband Alan recently posted a video clip on her social media dressed up like cowboys. Amid Lockdown, Suzanne’s ageless beauty has amassed more than 16000 views so far. The video showed her having a fun time and cooking southwest meal for her husband and granddaughter named Violet.

suzanne somers bikini pics
suzanne somers bikini pics

Suzanne Somers was born on the 16th of October in the year 1946 to an Irish American Catholic couple. Suzanne’s father named Francis Mahoney was a gardener and her mother named Marion Elizabeth worked as a medical secretary. She grew up along with her three siblings.

suzanne somers lingerie pics
suzanne somers lingerie pics

Suzanne studied at Capuchino High School and was a cheerleader while she was enrolled in Mercy High School in California. Later she got enrolled in San Francisco College for Women. During the early 1970s, she started acting in Lotsa Luck, the Rockford Files, and The Six Million Dollar Man.

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suzanne somers topless

The show named Three’s Company based on Shakespeare’s comedy Errors leading her status as a sex symbol of her generation. Suzanne appeared in Playboy cover featuring nude pictorials twice. Later in 1980, she became the spokesperson for a piece of exercise equipment called Thighmaster.

suzanne somers red carpet

In the year 2012, Suzanne started her online talk show named Suzanne Somers Breaking Through which aired for a season of 13 episodes. There she covered topics related to fitness. Suzanne was married to Bruce Somers from 1965 to 1968 and they had a son named Bruce Jr. later in 1977, Suzanne has been married to Alan Hamel.

suzanne somers thighs

In 2000, Suzanne was diagnosed with breast cancer and has gone through lumpectomy and radiation therapy.

suzanne somers swimsuit

suzanne somers hot cleavage

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suzanne somers cleavage

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suzanne somers bikini

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