Taylor Swift Reveals That Red Is A ‘True Breakup Album’… While Fans Guess If It’s About Jake Gyllenhaal

Taylor Swift Reveals That Red Is A 'True Breakup Album'... While Fans Guess If It's About Jake Gyllenhaal

Famous singer Taylor Swift is known for using heartbreak as a muse to create music. Recently, the pop star has stated that her 2012 album, Red, is, in fact, one such ‘true breakup album.’

She stated so in an interview conducted by Rolling Stone and Amazon Music exploring the magazine’s 500 Greatest Albums.

According to the pop star, “I look back on this as my true breakup album, every other album has flickers of different things. But this was an album that I wrote specifically about pure, absolute, to the core, heartbreak.”

The singer’s hardcore fan base, Swifties, speculates that many of her songs from that particular album might be connected to her break up with Jake Gyllenhaal.

The couple dated from October 2010 to March 2011. It is also speculated that songs like We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together, All Too Well, and The Last Time are also about Jake. The pop star said, “It’s all the different ways that you have to say goodbye to someone.”

Taylor released her latest album, Folklore, in 2020, and over a million copies were sold. Taylor is both talented and famous. Swift’s Lover sold over 1.22 million copies. The latest album has topped the charts for eight consecutive weeks since its release in July.