Iconic Teen Titans Series Might Be Revived : Subject To This Major Condition


However, in case the Teen Titans Go!To The Movies succeeds at the box, it is quite possible that the original Teen Titans series might make a comeback as mentioned by Tara Strong who voices the Raven.

Strong is voicing this goth-fanatic superhero in Teen Titans Go!as well, alongside various other actors who had originally given life to these characters.

Teen Titans had run on Cartoon Network from 2003 to 2006, and it was a  more intricate superhero story than what fans are used to seeing in a typical DC animated series. The show ended almost abruptly, and fans have been keen to get it back ever since.

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Although it appeared as if fans finally got there prayers heard, Teen Titans Go!is a vastly different thing, and it features stupid comedy instead of the drama and the high-risk superhero content. The series has been loved by the younger audiences, but, a section of the fans of the original Teen Titans have been unhappy about the direction taken by the new series.

Although it has not impacted Teen Titans Go!’s popularity and it has turned out to be such a success that Warner Bros decided to go ahead to convert it into a movie.

At the same time, Teen Titans Go!hasn’t ended the fan demand for the return of the original series, and this is not the first time someone has teased about a possibility.

Earlier in 2018, Teen Titans Go! producer Michael Jelenic was at WonderCon, Anaheim, California and he was asked if either a reboot or remake of the original series was under development. Jelenic was quite positive in his reply.

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He told fans that such a thing was “almost guaranteed,” and it delighted fans attending the event as well as all over the world.

There is a good bit of base for such a revival since the DC Universe is going to launch its own streaming platform. Young Justice was brought to Netflix, four years after it went off air, the revitalized interest made WB to greenlight Season three of the series and highlight it as one of the key series on their upcoming digital platform.

It remains to be seen if Teen Titans will take a similar trajectory after the release of Teen Titans Go!in theaters on July 27.