The 25 Most Hilarious Thanos Memes For Real MCU Fans


There is no doubt that Avengers: Infinity War is the most eagerly awaited superhero film or should we say the most eagerly awaited film of 2018. That is not surprising since the film is going to feature all the Marvel heroes who have so far debuted in the MCU, and will have unmatched action scenes.

The movie is primarily all about Thanos, the supervillain of the film as well as the next Avengers film. Thanos has come out of the cosmic shadows and has now taken matters into his own hands to grab what he believes, belongs to him: the Infinity Stones. The combined power of the six Infinity Stones will enable him to do what he wishes with the reality and the universe. The Avengershave apparently spent years preparing for this super battle, and the time has now come for all of the heroes to unite and become as strong a team as they possibly can.

The kind of popularity that the Avengers enjoy among the fans, the excitement has also led to a large number of memes based on the promotional images and the movie trailers. Just like the movie, Thanos occupies a prominent place in all of these memes as well. Fans all over the world, have spotted a great deal of things to make fun of Thanos.

Whether it is his new look to the way the Avengers approach the upcoming battle against Thanos, and even Thanos being a revamped version of an earlier meme, there is no lack of topics to make fun of the Mad Titan.

Wasting no more time, let’s check out these 25 funny Thanos memes!

25. Breaking Thanos

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24. Friends Turn Into Enemies

23. The Waiting Game

22. Deadpool’s Antics

21. Evil Baker

20. Grown-Up Thanos

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19. Savage Thanos

18. Worst Parent Of The Century Award

17. Pawn Stars: Thanos Edition

16. Sick Burn

15. When Evil Meets Evil

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14. Nothing To See Here

13. Eerie Resemblance

12. The Many Faces Of Thanos

11. Distracted Thanos

10. Impeccable Concept Art

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9. Refund, Please

8. Thanos Bae

7. Drax And Mantis Forever

6. Hellboy Or Thanos?

5. Thanos’ Skin Care Routine

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4. Poor Thor

3. Team Daddy Issues

2. Protect At All Costs

1. Alternate Universe