The Original Blue Ranger Is Ready To Help Make A Power Rangers Reunion Movie For Netflix

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There are certainly enough fans who would be delighted to see their beloved Mighty Morphin Rangers team-up once again in a live-action movie, and that includes the original Blue Ranger, David Yost. The topic was raised courtesy @antmaurizio, who tagged the original cast in his query related to a reunion movie (via Inverse).

“Will @HasbroNews/@Hasbro finally drop us a 1993/1994 #mmpr reunion film – maybe on @netflix? You know – like my generation has been asking Saban for years? @jdfffn @ASJAustin @_amyjojohnson @David_Yost @Walterejones @PowerRangers …”

Yost replied by saying that he would certainly be happy to make it happen. Yost is a TV producer nowadays, and his former co-star Amy Jo Jackson is now a director. No wonder that sounds a great starting point.


“I’ll be happy to develop & produce and @_amyjojohnson can direct! @HasbroNews @Hasbro @netflix let’s talk!!! …”

There is already a current project being developed which features several ex-Power Rangers actors, titled The Order, and it is expected to come out later in the year. Still, it is not a proper Power Rangers project, and the reboot is uncertain after having failed to meet expectations on the box office.

Would it be a great idea to re-introduce the original cast for one more shot? The interest will certainly be generated, and Netflix has a penchant for investing in films these days. Hasbro also won’t mind leveraging its latest acquisition, so you never know.

Yost is not a solitary Ranger who sees worth in either a movie or a series on Netflix, because Jason David Frank has also been talking about the scope of a live-action project on Netflix. According to him, it would do well to be Lord Drakkon centric.

“Everyone’s on board to make this awesome trailer slash possible pilot that could be its own show or something,” Frank had said. “I just want to make it clear before everyone jumps on board. This is a promo for Shattered Grid, but I was hoping to get the attention of fans around the world including the Saban brand and say, “Hey, look, this could be an awesome Netflix series, this could be a highly talked about series around the world.”