The Time When Iron Man And Black Widow’s Intimate Video Was Released, Here’s The Story.


Ultimates 3 has been such a debacle that it is difficult to pick a single moment which might have annoyed the comic book fans when it came out. It was a miniseries and not just a single issue, but, the entire comic is remembered in history as the point where the Ultimate universe’s qualitative decline started, and chinks appeared in this universe, and that indicated at the lows to which the series’ grim and dark theme would plunge.

It was vastly different from the initial two Ultimate miniseries, and this third segment is dominated by blood, violence and gore, much more than seen previously in an Ultimate comic. Characters use curse words (censored though), and the tone is way more grim and devoid of humor than preferred by the fans.

The most disgusting point of the series might be the in-story release of an intimate video shot by Iron-Man and Black Widow, which creates controversy for the Avengers. Marvel fans felt that this concept took too much liberty, and they were not excited by the fact that a number of comic panels showed the stills from that tape.

This miniseries was categorically slammed when it released, but, it had done the damage, because there were other elements in the Ultimate universe which took the cue from it, and turned out to be increasingly grim and evil, despite the fans protesting against it.