The Time When Superman Accidentally Killed His Wife And Unborn Son


The 2013 video game “Injustice: Gods Among Us” also has a prequel comic that goes by the same title, narrating the events of the five years preceding the story of the game where we see the Superman as the king of the world. However, in the comic book “Injustice: Gods Among Us” #1written by Tom Taylor and art by the trio of Axel Gimenez, Mike S. Miller, and JheremyRaapack, Superman is still shown as the hero everybody loves.

The issues shows Jimmy get shot by The Joker who also abducts Lois. Superman reaches the spot and finds Joker and Harley Quinn performing an operation on Lois while wearing gas masks. He is petrified, and he also spots Doomsday with the villains. Superman immediately starts flying the monster up into the space in his attempt to save Lois and the baby. (earlier in the issue, she was revealed to be pregnant). Shortly after that, Batman arrives on the scene and figures out that the Joker had merged the fear toxin of Scarecrow with Kryptonite and that made Superman hallucinate.

Batman desperately tries cautioning him using their communicators, but, it was already too late. Superman regains his senses only to find that he had murdered his wife and unborn child. The nightmare gets worse because Joker tells Batman that the operation that they had performed converted Lois into a detonator for a nuclear device, and as soon as her heartbeat stopped Metropolis got blasted.