The Young Couple Went Naughty After Their Wedding Brunch In Florida

The Young Couple Went Naughty After Their Wedding Brunch In Florida

After appearing for a magnificent brunch on Sunday in the penultimate stage of their $4 million marriage ceremony, Brooklyn Beckham takes playful liberty by placing his hand naughtily on his soon-to-be wife Nicola Peltz’s lower back.

To add to the luxury of the wedding, the newlywed couple traveled for a small distance,  a 1958 Jaguar XK150S, to the ceremony of the famous couple. Brooklyn kept the outfit simple -consisting of a cream shirt and khaki-green slacks.

The overall outfit looked far more casual than the tuxedo he wore the night before. However, actress Nicola, 27, maintained her good looks with a breathtaking tiny and body fit dress, with a thick gold border.

The bride chose high heels for the special occasion and completed the look with a set of white Louboutin heels that were thick and high. Venus Williams, the 40-year-old Tennis Star, also joined in his expensive vehicle- a blue Range Rover, joined by a Blonde companion for the Brunch.

She wore a faded blue outfit, pairing it with a belt to complete the appearance. Underneath, there looked to be flared liner. The sports star did her hair in a tight bun and chose high heels to complete her look for the occasion.

Nicola’s father Nelson, 79, had driven a golf cart over to the ceremony and was the first to arrive. He, too, was dressed down in white slacks and plain blue sneakers with no socks. Keeping in mind that it was a gathering of relatives and friends, phones were not allowed to use and were banned.

Just before the arrival of the visitors, lots of protective pouches were delivered to keep the phones from being used. The bags are designed in such a way by Yondr that they unseal when the visitors are in the area where gadgets are allowed, and they seal electronically when the visitors are in the restricted area.

The lunch was supposed to be in Palm Beach where they reached, through a ride in a blue Jaguar Convertible. David and Victoria Beckham, Brooklyn’s prominent parents, were also photographed heading in their expensive car to the event.

On Sunday morning, he was seen taking the convertible for a drive with Victoria before presenting it to the honeymooners, who drove to the brunch in the style of Meghan and Harry’s reception arrival. The president of InterMiami FC demanded that the car be colored sky-blue color, but that the name the color remain discreet.

Lunaz is following a sustainable trend for the environment by removing polluting engines and replacing them with zero-emission equipment. David Lorenz, Founder & CEO of Lunaz showed his happiness in bridging gaps with David’s business, by working on the latest vehicle.

Further comments on the specialty of the new car and being it the best present to the beautiful couple. David’s father, 46, paired a casual shirt with glasses to frame his face, while his fashionista mother, 47, wore a black strappy top and a set of sunglasses to frame her face.

As their family went off towards the city, Brooklyn’s siblings stayed by the gates of the magnificent estate and waved them off. After a heavy evening of celebrations, the teenager offered his kind help as he lifted heavy boxes while talking with his friend.

After the opulent party at one of the Peltz family’s houses in Palm Beach, Florida, the soccer legend’s father, 74, was seen waiting outside for her Uber ride. Ted was seen enjoying and joking with lawyer Hilary, who opted for a white top with slender sleeves and fluffs. His successful son sped away in his supercar, but not too far.

Cruz, David’s son, was also seen standing next to the car. Ted’s ex-partner Sandra, 72, was seen departing during the final section of the $4 million celebrations in an SUV, far more so than her former spouse. According to sources, the couple- Brooklyn and Nicola were “extremely happy” and “sneaking kisses” before the evening of their marriage.