‘These B***Hes Aren’t Ready,’ I Say. In The Fifth Season Teaser For Selling Sunset, Christine Quinn And Spunky New Realtor Chelsea Lazkani Promote Themselves As “Black And Blonde Barbie.”

'These B***Hes Aren't Ready,' I Say. In The Fifth Season Teaser For Selling Sunset, Christine Quinn And Spunky New Realtor Chelsea Lazkani Promote Themselves As

Christian Quinn,33, who has been an outcast for a long, amongst the female realtors of The Oppenheim Group, has been seen teamed up with the sassy and new realtor Chelsea Lazkani, for the trailer of Selling Sunset Season 5.

Chelsea Lazkani is the first black agent in the West Hollywood office. The duo flexes confidence about the popular Netflix show, whose new episodes are to be aired after April 22. They claim themselves as black and blonde barbies, further adding that the people are not ready for their pair yet.

Chelsea seems very confident as she says that she always gets what she wants. The British-Nigerian estate agent makes the statement on being introduced to the group. The newbie was flattered by the crowd standing outside the balcony, after the meeting.

Stating her joy she tells that she loved the view and the crowd which gathered. The duo was seen in a euphoric state. They shouted in unison- “ Hi peasant!”, giggling at the same time.

Chelsea was seen commenting upon the situation of Christine, who wasn’t invited to Heather Rae’s bridal shower. She told her new friend that they were about to take over and shared a high-five.

Chelsea clarified during dinner with Jason Oppenheim and Mary Fitzgerald: ‘If my customer buys, do I get a desk at the Oppenheim Group?’ ‘If you come in, someone else has to leave,’ Mary insisted.

Back at the office in West Hollywood, a major reorganization was already underway, with little availability for desk space since one agent was leaving. Christine declared war with Chelsea by her side, underestimating their profile.

While Chrishell Stause, 40, and Jason Oppenheim, 44, terminated their relationship nearly as fast as it began last year, the cameras were rolling at the start of their romance when they first made things official during a cast trip to Europe.

As tensions grew in the season five trailer, their amorous pursuit did not sit well with many of the Realtors at the Oppenheim Group. In the approximately two-minute-long clip’s opening segment, Chrishell shouted as she arrived in the Mediterranean with Jason and the rest of the team.

Jason confesses his love murmuring at dinner in Greece, massaging his girlfriend’s back. Mary Fitzgerald wished that the couple got married, but a single statement led to their breakup.

Chrishell, who recently published her first book, Under Construction: Because Living My Best Life Took a Little Work, and Jason ended their relationship in December after five months of dating owing to a disagreement about their future ‘wants,’ particularly her desire for children.

However, when Christine Quinn and Maya Vander visited a luxury house and gossiped about their new connection, high-end real estate deals were still on the agenda. Maya said to Christine about the difficulty of dating one’s boss during a talk.

Quinn couldn’t help but say what everyone was thinking and said that as he wasn’t having sex with his box, he didn’t get selected. ‘That’s a lot of money coming from her,’ Chrishell later informed Mary over a fire.

‘You know what? I’m going to f*** the boss!’ As she navigates getting everyone at the Oppenheim Group on a ‘clean slate,’ Mary is taking her new role as a manager extremely seriously.

‘If you want to be a part of the brokerage, you have to quit disrespecting the other agents,’ she said to Christine during lunch, to which Quinn replied, ‘I have never provoked a crisis.’ ‘Every time she’s there, the energy changes,’ Heather Rae Young said at her bridal shower, expressing her continued indifference to Christine’s attitude.

Quinn sent an expensive floral display with red roses in the shape of a heart that was brought right to the front of the venue, despite her disappointment at not receiving an invitation to Heather’s bridal shower.