This Is How Avengers: Infinity War Set The Stage For Tony Stark To Die In Avengers 4!


Death haunted the heroes throughout the Avengers: Infinity War. There wasn’t a single scene when we weren’t wondering what happens next. The heroes got no time to relax, and every turn made us wonder if that was the end of our beloved hero. Many of them did die in the movie, and many more will die in Avengers 4. Marvel has really raised the level here.  Going into the Avengers 4, we believe there is an iconic character who will perish in that film, and it is none other than Tony Stark aka Iron-Man. Why do we say so? Here is the theory how Avengers: Infinity War has created a platform for Tony Stark’s demise!


Spoiler Warning: This article contains Major Avengers Infinity War spoilers. You have been warned.

While Marvel was preparing for Avengers: Infinity War, one news piece slipped under the radar. An announcement was made for the Spider-Man: Homecoming 2’s cast list, and shockingly, there was no RDJ on it. Everyone was made to believe that Tony Stark would become a war victim in Avengers: Infinity War, but, he didn’t. However, to think that he won’t die in the long-term would be childish. Check out below why it is logical to see Iron-Man die in Avengers 4.

Everything suggests that RDJ is exiting the MCU

Avengers: Infinity War turned out to be the exact opposite of what everyone expected it to. The film’s ending was expected to kill the original Avengers and letting the new heroes take the center-stage. Marvel did the unthinkable. It bumped off the new heroes while the original Avengers like Tony Stark survived to live another day. However, RDJ has himself stated that there would be “One Last Iron-Man Adventure” in MCU. It would be an apt way to let the icon of MCU walk into the sunset triumphantly.


Tony Stark’s saga is nearing its end

Iron-Man’s debut in 2008 featured a young and swashbuckling brat who went to any extent to win, even at the cost of hurting his loved ones. With the growth of MCU, Iron-Man too matured. In Iron-Man 2, we saw Tony Stark accept his limitations. Iron-Man 3 showed him realize the worth of family.

In the Avengers films, Tony turned out to be more than just a hero wearing an armor. He became a legend. Homecoming gave him a totally different perspective. Spider-Man became his protégé, and Iron-Man became the mentor. Now that his ‘son’ gets killed in the ending here, Iron-Man was back to zero in Avengers: Infinity War. He was the guy whom Tony wanted to become better than him. Reviving him will cost Iron-Man. It will give a finishing touch to his character’s growth and close it.

Doctor Strange is aware of it

Among the 14 million plus outcomes, there happened not be just one which resulted in Thanos’ defeat. Strange had stated early in the film that he will let his own friends die instead of giving the Time Stone to Thanos. However, he offered the Time Stone to the villain to save Tony Stark’s life. This implies that Tony is vital to The Mad Titan’s defeat. However, Tony has to sacrifice everything he wanted to achieve.

Tony Stark MUST die

Back in The Avengers, Steve Rogers had said that Tony would never be able to do the ‘sacrifice play.” He would forever be the one who shows his back and escapes. Tony has evolved greatly since that time, and only he is capable of beating Thanos now, but, he needs to pay with his dreams, family and above all, his own life.

Is it possible to make things any more dramatic than this? Thanos let his daughter die to kill half of the universe’s life, but, Iron-Man will give up his own life to save his son as well as the whole universe.