Thor Once Had A Child With Hela. Here’s How This Happened

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How can anyone not resist the charms of Thor? He’s got great hair, bulging biceps, and talks like a theatre nerd. Basically, he’s the perfect package. So when the ladies succumb to Thor’s raw animal magnetism, strange things can happen. In this article, let’s looks at what happened when Thor got together with Hela for one night and knocked her up instantly!

Thor travels to Hela’s dimension to bring Valkyrie back to life. Hela forces Thor to fight an army of the undead, and if he won, she would bring Valkyrie back.  Thor ends up stuck in Valhalla after sacrificing himself to save Valkyrie’s life, whom he is currently dating. Over time, he misses Valkyrie so much that he goes to Hela and asks if there was anything he could do to return to the living The Goddess of Death, Hela gives him 2 choices — sleep with her in order to bear a child and be released from Valhalla or rot in hell for the rest of eternity.


A day later Hela falls pregnant and bears a son named Modi Thorson who turns out to be evil. In the end, Thor kills Modi and gets back together with his old flame, Jane Foster.