Thor’s New Hammer In Avengers: Infinity War Could Lead To Groot’s Death

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It is common knowledge that Thor would sport a new war tool in Avengers: Infinity War, and finally, a glimpse of his new weapon has been revealed.

It’s Groot!


No, okay, not exactly. Thor won’t be hurling Groot at Thanos or his Black Order, although Groot does play a part in creating his new weapon.


A Reddit user BruceBannerfanboy shared a new photo which featured a toy version of Thor who can be seen holding his new weapon (courtesy the larger image printed on the front of the packaging).

A quick glance at it, and we know it is a hybrid between a hammer and an ax (Ultimate Mjolnir, anyone?). Thor needed the new weapon after he lost his long trusted ally Mjolnir in Thor: Ragnarok.

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As stated above, Groot might be a part of the process to make Thor’s new weapon, somehow.

During the initial Avengers: Infinity War trailer, we saw Thor waking up on the Guardians of the Galaxy’s ship, and that’s why they might assist him in his quest for finding a new weapon.

Our guess is that Groot would give Thor a piece of his body. That would ensure that Groot’s superhuman endurance and elasticity would make the Ultimate Mjolnir quite a sturdy weapon to wield.

The sad thing is that Chris Hemsworth’s contract with Marvel is only up to Avengers 4, and beyond that, he might not be seen wielding the hammer as Thor.