Tom Holland Has Shared Exclusive New Photo From Spiderman 2’s Sets, And It’s Awesome.


Spider-man: Homecoming reinvented Peter Parker and Spidey once again, and to be honest after the epic fail of Sony’s The Amazing Spider-Man movie series nobody wanted to see another version of Spider-man. The odds were stacked against the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Spider-man, but Tom Holland’s portrayal and the well-written story brought back Spider-man from the abyss of bad Rotten Tomato Reviews to forefront character in Mega Superhero movie Avengers: Infinity War.

We all knew Spider-Man Homecoming is going to get a sequel, and the filming has already begun. Tom Holland has recently shared a picture from his shooting location. He is still wearing the same Spider-man costume that we have seen in the original film. This also indicates that Spider-man is going to be one of the characters who is going to survive the wrath of Thanos in Avengers: Infinity, unless this movie is based on a timeline before Avengers 3, which is highly unlikely. Here’s the picture that Tom had shared on his Instagram page.

According to latest reports, there will be multiple villains in the next Spider-Man movie, and one of them could be a fresh villain that cinematic version of Spiderman has never seen. Michael Mondo is going to play Scorpion; he has been confirmed in the post-credit scene of the first part. The other names that are popping up are Mysterio, Kraven The Hunter, and a young female villain according to a casting call list.

Recently, Matt Damon revealed that he had dumped a villainous role offered to him for Homecoming sequel. He didn’t reveal the name of the character. At this moment, Spiderman 2 is scheduled for May 2019 release date.