Tommy Wiseau Is Interested In Making A Star Wars Film!


Tommy Wiseau wants to leave his own imprint on the galaxy far, far away. Irrespective of whether you saw The Room or not, you must have heard of it. It is renowned as one of the worst films ever, and Tommy Wiseau is the man who made it. Now this incredibly weird writer, actor, and director has expressed his wish to make a Star Wars film.

Curiously, The Disaster Artist, based on the making of The Room, which is such an icon of terrible movie making that it called for a film based on its filming and ironically it is all set to get an Oscar or two. Tommy Wiseau is delighted with the response to the film. Before The Disaster Artist’s release, he had interacted with some fans on Twitter. One of the fans asked him if he intends to make a Star Wars film. He didn’t simply say yes. Here is what his reply was.

“Yes! Absolutely! But I am very busy, so I would prefer to act. #StarWars can contact me.”

He even shared a contact link in his tweet, which happened to be the website for The Room. We are certain that Disney and Lucasfilm would never, no matter what, let Tommy Wiseau helm a Star Wars movie. Even if it is Armageddon or hell freezes over. Wiseau also said that he would wish to act rather because he is extremely busy. We wonder what might keep a guy like Wiseau too busy to helm a Star Wars film? Even more so, to suggest that Star Wars, not just Kathleen Kennedy or any other real person can reach out to him, is simply baffling. This solitary tweet is the best example of the eccentric being that Tommy Wiseau is and how he has become a pop culture icon.

There is no dearth of directors who would be delighted to make a Star Wars film, and Lucasfilm is bound to make a lot of them. Therefore, there is no lack of scope. However, it is not as if someone like Tommy Wiseau is ever going to get a shot at directing one of those. Frankly, even if for all the wrong reasons, he must be credited that The Room has become a cult classic and might remain so for many years to come, courtesy The Disaster Artist. You never know? Just imagine how it would be if the Rebellion and the Empire suddenly decide to play a friendly football match in space. In another alternate universe, a Tommy Wiseau helmed Star Wars film would certainly be an interesting thing to look at, especially if he is given $100 million to splurge on it.

Then there is the thing about Tommy Wiseau’s acting preference. Once again, it is near impossible that Lucasfilm will cast him in a Star Wars film, but, they do let celebs do cameos in the new Star Wars films. Therefore, it might not be that hard to imagine putting up with a cameo from Tommy Wiseau. We feel so bad that Solo: A Star Wars Story is already wrapped up.