This Is What Forced Tony Stark To Have A Rocket Function In His Avengers: Infinity War Suit


After Thanos’ snap, Tony Stark lost his ‘son’ and allies, but, it also broke his will and his ability to lift himself from defeat. He had built his new suit in the eventuality of something like what had happened in The Avengers in 2012. The new suit was mightily powerful. However, one major function of the suit is related to Captain America: Civil War. Let us find out what was the real need for Tony Stark to add a rocket function in his Avengers: Infinity War suit!

You might find such a thing unnecessary since we already know how he can fly at speeds several time that of sound. In fact, his suit has Repulsor beam which as Tony had revealed in Iron-Man in 2008, was the next generation of aerial propulsion technology.

These Repulsor beams worked by charging neutral molecules and blasting high powered ions which gave an incredible thrust without using any chemical fuel, as long as there was enough electricity to ensure the ion charging mechanism remained up to speed. Tony used this tech not only to fly but, also as a weapon. In a fight, the Repulsor beams act as a non-lethal mean of pushing back his enemies with great force.

However, in Avengers: Infinity War, there was a brand new Repulsor beam tech, which allowed Tony to join his legs and create a single Rocket with an extreme thrust to increase his speed in flight. In Avengers: Infinity War, Tony used this option to quickly reach out to Peter before he died after falling from the Q-Ship due to the absence of oxygen. While it sounds normal, but, Tony’s inclusion of this new tech in his suit was caused by an incident that took place in Captain America: Civil War.

In Captain America: Civil War, towards the final moments of the fight, Vision who was an ally of Tony Stark, hurt War Machine by mistake. Although this friendly fire incident stopped the fight, War Machine lost his flight and plummeted to the ground. His best friend Tony tried to fly as fast as he could to get hold of Rhodey before he hit the ground, but, Tony failed to make it in time. Rhodey crashed to the ground and shattered his legs.

For some reason, Tony held himself responsible for not being fast enough. That’s when he came up with the Combi-Rocket option and added it to his suit in Avengers: Infinity War. He succeeded in saving Peter’s life courtesy of that, although, Peter still died as Iron-Man watched helplessly.  Once again he failed to save his friend. That’s quite heart-breaking, but, we have always loved Tony Stark, and we will keep loving him!