Too Many Chances Also Turn The Table Upside Down, Ruining All The Chances To Zero, Proves The Ghosting Of MAFS Star Ella Ding By Ex-Husband Mitch Eynaud


Married At First Sight, the popular Australian reality TV show’s contesting star Ella Ding has been seen lately dealing with a breakup, or what we can say- escape of her almost wedded husband into the blue. Seems like it was not the first time, something like this happened and Ella let it go, believing in “forgive and forget”.

The first time her ex-husband- Mitch Eynaud deceived her was at the time of final vows. Seems like Mitch can’t finalize what he wanted as he came back, but not forever, as he must have vowed. He ghosted Ella again after the filming of their reunion dinner party.

After receiving setback after setback, the young beautician has finally realized that sometimes it’s not okay to let things go. Ella, 28, herself spoke that she has the habit of giving too many chances to people, commenting on her escapade of Mitch, adding that avoiding her gut feeling always leads to dead ends.

For she calls herself a patient person, she risked all with her ex-partner Mitch when she decided to give him another chance. That was the last time she saw her ex-partner. Mitch hasn’t been seen from the January after the reunion party, Ella tells radio hosts Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli and Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald. Well, what else is there to expect.

But what made the young Mitch to fell out of love with Ella, leaving her at the alter? The rumor has it that the gentleman believed the fake news of Ella and co-star Brent Vitiello sunbathing together.

Seems like after multiple private explanations and clarifications, Mr. Mitch didn’t feel satisfied and decided to put off the marriage without telling anyone, but himself.  As far as it concerns whether the star of MAFS is at all interested in co-star Brent, the idea is always put off by her saying is not over her ex-partner Mitch.

The female star has not been over her ex-partner as she keeps on mentioning that she is still “healing” from all that has happened and trying to deal with it. In between all this, she needs time and can’t jump off to date another man. Thus, whenever asked about Brent she perfectly answers the question by denying it.

The young beautician of 27 age, hence claims that she is not ready now to be in a relationship with anyone now, hence Brent does not stand a chance.  Well seems like media and marriage don’t mix much in modern times. Let’s see how long Ms. Ella takes to learn to start following her gut and avoid making terrible decisions for herself.