Travis And Kourtney Wish To Have A Small Gathering To Celebrate Their Marriage

Travis And Kourtney Wish To Have A Small Gathering To Celebrate Their Marriage

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas got real when the couple married, and plan to do a ceremony again. Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Baker did their nuptials in Las Vegas, but now wants to do a small intimate event with. After the Grammy’s the couple went to the Chapel to officiate their relationship.

The couple now wants to celebrate it with as few and closed people as possible and really intends to keep the event small. The sources have also delivered the same news, adding that Kourtney’s family wishes to be in their intimate gathering.

The perspective from Kardashians varies, as it’d be Kourtney’s first marriage, and the family wants to do everything from bridal shower to a bachelorette party. Kourtney’s side really wish to keep it grand and participate in all celebrations. They further added that such small events won’t work, and no one wants them.

As the couple walked down to the One Love wedding Chapel, the Dean called them as kids walking in a candy shop. The Dean further gives us details about the marriage adding Travis eyes spoke the love he has for her. Though drunk, they spoke their vows clearly.

The couple already had rings on, so the Dean just started with singing Can’t help falling in Love, as the couple kissed. The play marriage costed them a bit more, as they wanted an Elvis impersonator only, and he charged six hundred dollars extra over the fee of two hundred dollars.

The dean also made his share for marrying the couple, who were totally in love with one another. The couple has total of six kids from their exes. Three from each, Kourtney shares three kids with her ex- Scott Disick, and Travis also shares three kids with his ex- Shanna Moakler.

The couple before dating were living as neighbors, next to each other, in Calabasas, Calif.  What started as friendship eventually grew into a healthy relationship. They started dating an year before. The proposal was also highly romantic, as Travis got on his knees and proposed to her on a beach, in front of all her family. Indeed it was a good turn of events, from neighbors to marrying in LA.