Valentina Fradegrada Shows Off Her Ample Cleavage As She Poses Topless (10 Pics)

Valentina Fradegrada Shows Off Her Ample Cleavage As She Poses Topless (10 Pics)

The Italian fashion blogger has garnered the attention of fashion enthusiasts for her stylized and artistic photoshoots. She knows how to assimilate her sexy figure with simple elements to get artistic outcomes. She is blessed with a stunning body proportion which makes her look jaw-dropping. Her charm and beauty have helped her garner more than 2.5M followers on her Instagram.


In one of her recent posts, she was seen posing topless. She lay on her bed while showing off her gorgeous figure. In the series of four images, she showed off her stunning physique. She was seen lying on her back on the bed. She placed her hands under her boob and covered her tits with her raven locks. She lay on pink and white fluffy pillows, which matched the color of the butterflies that she chose for the photoshoot.


Valentina had her hand rested on her bosom and stomach as she posed for the pictures. Her radiant skin and naturally beautiful facial features added to her beauty. She accessorized her look with a jeweled necklace with a butterfly-shaped pendant and a silver watch. She wore multiple butterfly hair accessories on her long black hair. Pink, blue and white butterflies decorated on her hair. Her mid-parted dark tresses fell on her pillow.

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She chose a light makeup palette for the photoshoot, which featured a pink glossy lip color, ample blush, and pretty eye makeup with eyelash extensions. The makeup offered a soft and sensual look which added to her beauty. She glared at the camera while posing, and her grey eyes snatched the focus of the snap. Her butterfly tattoo on her hand was visible in the photo. Valentina also shared a close-up image of her face. Her freckled skin, plump lips made her look charming. She shared another couple of racy snaps on her Instagram in which she looked luscious and beautiful.


The soft color combination and the butterfly theme made the pictures aesthetically pleasing. The low-light snap bestowed those images with a soothing and serene effect which makes them artistic. Her beauty is another asset of the photos. In the caption, she wrote, “It’s a lie, we are not free…but you can buy your freedom.”




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