Vanessa Morgan Hot – 8 Lesser Known Facts About Toni Topaz From Riverdale

Vanessa Morgan Hot - 8 Lesser Known Facts About Toni Topaz From Riverdale

Vanessa Morgan is a very hot actress and has grown now become super popular after she brought Toni Topaz from the Archie comics to life in Riverdale. A lot of the loyalty, love, and fanbase that she has garnered have to do with her stunning looks and her sexy body that make all the men fall for her almost immediately. Although one would think she is a very famous and hot actress, the internet seems to have very few facts a few facts about this successful and talented actress. The fans may have searched the internet for hours and ended up with just a few facts about her. These include the facts that the actress was born in Ottawa, Ontario and that she had studied philosophy at Queen’s University. We believe that the true fans would like to know more about her and so we have gathered a lot of facts about her for you.

1. Dog lover

Before we start, let us admit that we all love dogs. Who doesn’t? They are just adorable and are the most loyal animals we can find. Actress Vanessa Morgan has also found these traits in dogs and is a big-time dog lover. She once said that her favorite dog breeds are German Shepherds and Chihuahuas.

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2. An Avatar fan

We all have a favorite movie, one that we can watch over and over again and yet not get bored. Our favorite movie is one that we can relate to and is something that evoked a lot of dormant emotions within us. Vanessa Morgan has said that her favorite movie is Avatar and she could watch it in loop and not get bored. She even said that if she could live in a world of Pandora, she would.

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3. She loves the smell of vanilla

Everyone has their favorite scent, be it a perfume, a beverage, a lipstick or just an air freshner. Vanessa Morgan’s favorite scent in the whole world is Vanilla, and she just cannot get enough of the fragrance.

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4. She has an actress picked to play her for the biopic

Vanessa Morgan had said that is anyone were to ever make a movie about her life; she wants actress, Halle Berry to play her role. This makes sense as they both look beautiful and very similar to each other.

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5. Her celebrity crush is… are…

We can never really forget our first celebrity crush. That one actor/actress that we wish we knew personally. It seems like celebrities themselves have crushes on other celebrities and very recently actress Vanessa Morgan had revealed that she has two crushes- Ryan Gosling and Chris Pratt.

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6. She is a guitarist

Vanessa Morgan is not just a talented actress, but she is also very good with the guitar. She has an ear for music and but she is super humble and says that she needs a lot of improvement.

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7. The Latte Queen

We all have our favorite of beverage that we order every time we go to a cafe. Vanessa Morgan is no different. Whenever the actress goes to Starbucks, she always orders a Pumpkin Chai Latte with almond milk for herself. A healthy choice!

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8. She gained popularity with The Latest Buzz

Vanessa Morgan rose to fame with her role of Amanda in the TV show, the Latest Buzz. She played a spoilt, rich student journalist who covered the fashion section of the city. This role is what brought her into the limelight.

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