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Vidya Vox was born on September 26th in the year 1990. Also known by her Brahmin name Vidya Iyer, Vidya Vox is an American YouTuber and singer. Vidya Vox was born in Chennai and moved with her family to the United States of America at eight years old. Vidya Vox’s music is a blend of Western pop, electronic move music, and Indian established music. Since starting her direct in the month of April during the year 2015, her recordings have gotten more than 560 million perspectives, and her channel has aggregated over 5.4 million supporters. Vidya Vox’s concoction of Major Lazer’s Lean On with a Punjabi society tune has 38 million views and Be Free – Pallivaalu Bhadravattakam has 120 Million views on YouTube as of the month of January in the year 2019. Vidya Vox was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India and was brought up in Virginia in the United States. Vidya Vox talks the Tamil language at home, took in Carnatic music from the age of five, and furthermore delighted in tuning in to English music. Vidya Vox admitted to having a personality emergency, being tormented for being Indian, and concealing her way of life while growing up, however, has expressed she now feels glad of her culture. Vidya Vox was motivated by her grandma to seek after Indian established music. Vidya Vox wound up certain of her Indian roots in school, joined the Indian Student Association, and joined Indian society move groups. Vidya Vox examined brain research and biomedical sciences at George Washington University and graduated with a Bachelor of Science qualification in natural sciences.

Vidya Vox moved to India for a long time to learn music. Vidya Vox with her sister Vandana Iyer and her sweetheart Shankar Tucker whom she met in school teamed up for making music. In the year 2017 Vidya Vox advanced her music, practicing bhangra and hip-bounce move. Vidya Vox routinely sings in a band sorted out by Shankar Tucker. Vidya Vox has performed in different areas around the globe, including the White House, National Center for the Performing Arts (India), and Webster Hall. Vidya Vox has additionally performed at Festivals Des Artes in Reunion Island, INK Women, Suriname, Dubai and the Meru Concert Series in the Netherlands. Vidya Vox’s most mainstream mashup was Closer/Kabira, which checked in more than 55 million views in 7 months. One of Vidya Vox’s mashups is Incline toward and Jind Mahi, for which she had a coordinated effort with a few different artists, including Ricky Jatt, Raashi Kulkarni, and Roginder Violinder Momi. Vidya Vox released Kuttanadan Punjayile, a well known Kerala watercraft tune, as a combination alongside an English melody composed by Shankar Tucker and herself, which was shot in Kerala with Mohiniyattam performed by Sreenidhi and Sreedevi. In the year 2016, Vidya Vox released her extended play, Kuthu Fire, which was delivered by Shankar Tucker, and co-composed by Shankar Tucker and Vidya Iyer.

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