What Are The Powers Of Soul Stone? [MAY HAVE SPOILERS]


Infinity War is now in theaters, and this now we know more about the Soul Stone. The Soul Stone is the most dangerous and can control life and death.

What is the Soul Stone?

This was known as the Soul Gem, and the Infinity Stone has a lot of power to steal and control souls. The Soul Stone is sentient and has acted independently as well. It is not benevolent because it has a desire to collect which can be resisted by the strongest users.

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When the Soul Stone collects someone’s soul, it stores them in a Soul World which is inside the gem. The user can enter this world at any time, and all of the inhabitants are trapped unless the user decides to let them escape.

The Soul World does seem like a peaceful place, but it has a few drawbacks. The user can access skills and memories of anyone who is trapped in it.

It can affect the souls in many strange ways and can be used to devolve someone into a basic animal form. It can also reveal if a soul is pure.

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This stone can be used as a translator and is capable of translating what people say to the wielder. The Stone can shoot powerful energy and can disrupt a person’s soul and render them unconscious.

Adam Warlock has always wielded this Soul Stone, and he is one person who has resisted the desire to collect souls.

The Soul Stone is now with Ultron who stole it from Adam Warlock and Warlock and Hank Pym are trapped inside it. Hank Pym’s body is merged with Ultron, so he may be able to convince heroes that he is a good person.