What Does The Last Scene Of Star Wars: The Last Jedi Suggest?


It is another thing to see the audiences have conflicting opinions related to Star Wars; The Last Jedi, but, the last scene of the film evoked a response from everyone who saw the movie.

“What was that?”

“Did you see what just happened?”

And so on

Yes and yes. The tiny boy used the Force to make a broom dash into his hand before taking a breather to stare into the vast empty space, thinking about the Resistance. So who was the little boy and what did that scene imply? Above all, how does that scene fit into the scheme of future Star Wars films? Let’s analyze what might have been the most crucial scene from The Last Jedi, and we caution you that there are spoilers ahead.

He’s a slave

To give you a clearer picture, in one of The Last Jedi’s plots, we saw Finn (John Boyega), and Rose (Kelly Marie Tran) travel to a planet called Cantonica to find a hacker in the city of Canto Bright. This city is a casino town resembling Monaco rather than Las Vegas, and is the place where the filthy rich socialize; in the words of director Rian Johnson, it is “a playground, basically, for rich a-holes.”

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However, that’s not all about it. As suggested by Rose, based on the lessons learned by her in her tragic past, people employed at Canto Bright are slaves. That was the sequence where we first saw that little boy in one of the stables while Finn and Rose made their escape. He is one of the child slaves who clean and reside in the stables while tending to the Fathier, space ponies who facilitate Finn and Rose’s getting away.

His name is Temiri Blagg

According to The Star Wars Visual Dictionary, this boy is called Temiri Blagg, and IMDB has revealed that debutant Temirlan Blaev is playing the role. It is obvious that Blagg is Force-sensitive, and that’s not something to be overlooked in the Star Wars universe. The fact is, during the ongoing trilogy, we have seen very few people use the Force, a list of illustrated individuals like Luke Skywalker, Leia Organa, Kylo Ren, Supreme Master Snoke, Yoda, and Rey. To sum it up, he surely is someone to watch out for.

He’s A Nobody

Alongside showcasing some really cool space combats and thrilling action sequences, The Last Jedi also greatly shook up the Star Wars mythology. In other words, a great deal of what we assumed we know about the Star Wars has been converted into something similar to the trash from a Star Destroyer.

The powerful Force-aware hero of the new trilogy, Rey, eventually turns out to be unrelated to any of the biggies of the series. Rather, her parents were commoners, and that wasn’t merely by chance. According to writer/director Rian Johnson, it was the “Stand on your own two feet and define yourself” moment in the modern Star Wars universe, where it is not necessary to be either a Skywalker or a Kenobi or any other such bloodline, in order to be a leader. Treading the same path, Temiri Blagg isn’t a relative to anyone famous; he was discarded by his parents, just the way Rey’s parents ditched her. Now that curtains are being drawn on the Skywalkers saga, we are realizing that anyone can be force sensitive, whether she be a daughter of drunkards or a slave boy whose responsibility is to clean up the stables.

He Is Not Going To be A Jedi

The new scheme of things for future films was demonstrated by Kylo Ren as there won’t be any more Jedi or Sith. It is a clean slate, and he symbolized it by smashing his helmet. Giving up his worship of Darth Vader and doing away with the “old gods.” Temiri Blagg is Force-sensitive, and he might use it, but, he is not going to be a Jedi because the Jedi Order of the past is now gone. Rey is not a Jedi, at least not according to the traditional description of a Jedi, and as far as we know, there are no Jedi around to teach him. At the same time, yes, the Jedi holy books are safe, Rey took them along on Millennium Falcon. Still, reading a book is not the same thing as the master/padawan relationship built over several generations of Jedi. As Luke had resolved before merging with the Force in his last scene, he wasn’t the Last Jedi. However, the implication of being a Jedi and who will keep the tradition going, is open to speculations.

He’s The New Hope

Then how crucial is Temiri Blagg? By showing a glimpse of the undoing of everything we typically knew about Star Wars, expectedly to the annoyance of a section of fans, he happens to be the future of Star Wars and all things that the future will usher in: hope. Blagg is the brand new hope for the Resistance, and the Star Wars overall. It is not an illustrated bloodline which is a must to wield the Force. It wasn’t as if The Last Jedi ended showing that scene where Blagg started into the cluster of stars, unsure about the future, just the way Luke had done at the end of The Empire Strikes Back. It is apparent that we were looking at the future Luke, but, minus the name tag.

Or Is He Not?

The Star Wars canon is replete with strange worlds and planets. Cantonica was brought to life by Rian Johnson and team. Nobody knew of it before the name was leaked by a Last Jedi toy display. The chances of Temiri Blagg being the only other Force-sensitive character apart from Rey in such a huge galaxy far, far away seem to be really low, and that also augurs well for the new Star Wars canon. Blagg can’t be the only one, but, one of the new generation guys. He might never even make it big or might not be a part of Episode IX. Either of the above scenarios can fit well into the new Star Wars canon because it is bound to be a revamped series, where Force is available to all, and there are no typical Sith and Jedi.