Real Destroyer Of Superman’s Home Krypton Is Revealed By Introducing A New Character


When it had been announced that Brian Michael Bendis’ very first DC assignment was to take on a Superman story with the artwork by Jim Lee, it had been suspected that something really big would be in works, before it was even confirmed that Bendis would revitalize the Superman comic line after Action Comics #1000.

Things are now much bigger than predicted with his story threatening to change the original and fundamental ethos and mythology for Superman and a new villain has been revealed as the main reason for the destruction of Krypton.

Having first appeared in Superman #1 in the summer of 1939, the destruction of Krypton was the reason for his parents sending Kal-El into space. He arrived on Earth and became the Man of Steel.

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While the very cause of Krypton’s death has been tied to the natural disasters, many recent stories are suggesting the detonation of a doomsday weapon.

But Bendis says that there might be just one cause: RogolZaar.

The idea of one culprit is not wrong, and other versions of the story have seen the Krypton’s destruction triggered by an artificial intelligence Brainiac. In Smallville, it had been suggested that General Zod had been responsible for Krypton’s destruction.

In Bendis’ story, Action Comics #1000, “The Truth,” the blame is on RogolZaar. The issue focuses on a destructive battle in Metropolis and Supergirl and Superman are fighting RogolZaar.

As he destroys Metropolis to kill both Superman and Supergirl, RogolZaar then explains that he killed many Kryptonians:

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“I cleansed the galaxy of the Kryptonian plague,” boasts RogolZaar. “And I am here… to finish the job!” Zaar goes on to say, as he readies himself to deal a killing blow to Superman, that he once spoke to Jor-El and promised him that his family line would die “… when I destroyed the planet Krypton.”

RogolZaar had arranged the destruction of Krypton very well, and the reasons for doing so has not been explained yet. The last panel encourages all the readers to keep an eye out for Bendis’ mini-series, The Man of Steel to dive deeper.

But “The Truth” gives the fans a lot of reason to be excited about Bendis taking over Superman’s stories. While this story does promise huge changes, RogolZaar has been presented as a much more chattier version of Doomsday.