This Is Why Lethal Weapon’s Lead Actor Was Fired


The weeks of speculation about Fox’s Lethal Weapon and its star  Clayne Crawford which had cast uncertainty about the show after the actor was accused of emotional abuse and misbehaviour on set, ended when the network announced a Season 3 renewal, and replaced Clayne Crawford with Seann William Scott, who is now going to appear as a new character partnering Murtagh (Damon Wayans). Since the renewal has been confirmed, Damon Wayans lashed out against Clayne Crawford in a series of tweets, one of them containing a video of the actor getting hit by a sharpnel during the filming of an episode directed by Crawford. Soon after that, Wayans deleted his twitter account, and despite the video no longer being available, he did share an interesting version of the incident.


After the rumors regarding Clayne Crawford’s misbehavior on set came out, Crawford used social media with a detailed explanation, disclosing how he was warned for two separate incidents. The first warning was for his angry reaction to working conditions which according to him were unsafe, and the second during an episode helmed by him, where one of his co-stars got hit by shrapnel. Although the co-star wasn’t named by Clayton, later he was revealed to be Damon Wayans, confirmed in the video which has been removed now. However, Wayans grabbed shared a photo which revealed a laceration on the back of his head. This is what Damon Wayans had mentioned in the first tweet of the series which has now been deleted.

Now that the fate of the show is solidified… I’d like to address the Twitter outrage with the video and image to follow. #directedby @ClayneCrawford. How does the shrapnel from this hit me on the opposite side of the head? #directedby @ClayneCrawford. Below is a rendering seeking to explain yesterday’s incident. It turns out there was a second shooter, to Damon’s left, on the other side of the pillar behind which his character was crouched, which accounts for what he heard from his left side @claynecrawford #noapology.”

The outrage mentioned by him was from the fans who were angry at Clayne Crawford’s sacking and replacement by Seann William Scott, and Wayans clarified that even though the fans were upset, Crawford’s absence won’t make a difference on the set. Wayans further elaborated about his co-star’s misbehavior, saying he “struck fear in cast and crew” and “relished in making female cry.” He also shared another photo clicked on the studio lot, depicting a sketch of Clayne Crawford with the caption, “Clayne Crawford is an emotional terrorist.” Below is what Wayans said in his other tweets, blaming WB Television for failing to defend him, and revealing other problems such as an incident when Crawford assaulted another actor (reported to be Lance Henriksen, in the mouth with a green tea bottle).

“Since @warnerbrostv is not defending me at all… here’s another photo of images other people were posting in and around the lot. Not me! He became UNINSURABLE! Relished in making female cry. And stuck fear in cast and crew #dontblameme. He hit another actor in the mouth with a bottle of green tea and busted his mouth open. @lancehenriksen a white man!!! #notanaccident #knowyourfacts.”


Damon Wayans last tweet mentioned, “bye to Twitter and the weirdos who don’t understand set decor and privilege it is to do what we do.” He said that he “put up with this for two seasons,” and told fans, “Kiss the dark side of my a– if you don’t understand it wasn’t just me,” further stating that Clayne Crawford has a “file of infractions” and telling Warner Bros. to “#releasethetapes.” However, as per THR, Wayans deleted his whole Twitter account after that tweet, but, others secured those tweets in screenshots, which are shared below: