The Time When Wolverine Killed An Innocent Kid, And It Was Heart-Wrecking To Watch. Here’s How It Happened


If you thought regular universe Wolverine is bad, then Ultimate Wolverine is even worse.

While worrying about the mutant’s bad reputation, Logan decides it was in everyone’s best interests if he murdered a terrified teenager. The unnamed kid had just discovered his mutant powers and accidentally sets everyone near him on fire.

Horrified by his actions after accidentally killing most of his town, the teenager flees and hides in a cave, going through all of the emotions – from horror to terror to feeling like crap. Wolverine enters the cave to confront him at this point.

They begin to have a chat and Logan gives the kid a beer, and explains to the adolescent that he’s bad news for mutants. Without saying more, Wolverine kills him and leaves his body in the cave. You would think that maybe he would have tried to explain things better to the terrified boy.

If Wolverine thought setting people on fire was threatening, and dangerous and young teenagers were threats to mutants, then he should’ve killed himself way before.