What Will Happen if Wolverine’s Head Is Cut Off? Here’s The Answer


We all love Wolverine, and a part of this is because he is a badass and another part is because he can take up any amount of punishment and still keep fighting. Wolverine is well-known power for his abilities of healing, and his skeleton is indestructible, and this means that it is very hard to tear him apart.

The regeneration abilities allow him to take a lot of beating which would otherwise kill anyone else, and the character’s writers took advantage of this. During his time as a hero, Logan had gone through a few brutal stuff, and he always came back fighting.

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We must note that Wolverine has suffered many great injuries and this means that he had also recovered from them. In this article, we are not counting Logan’s injuries which led to his death, like the incineration by Sentinel in “Days of Future Past” or him being covered in adamantium in “Death of Wolverine.”

In “Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk” issue #5, Logan had found Hulk on a mountain, and he was threatening to eat the severed legs in order to keep him from putting them back on. Before the Hulk ate the pins, Betty Ross hand landed on this mountain as She-Hulk. It seems that she took an experimental super-soldier serum and this had turned her into a She-Hulk. She had been sent as a “Plan B” just in case Logan had failed to destroy Hulk. Hulk and She-Hulk had fought, and Wolverine just watched. Being just half of the man that he used to be, Logan could not stop the government from dropping a bomb on the site.

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Logan had survived the nuke, but Nick Fury did not let him off as in “Venom” #9. Wolverine had woken up and found himself a head on a tray. Fury cut off his head off, and then kept his body separated during his interrogation and this theorized that the mutant power was not a healing factor but that he could survive almost anything.