Here Is The First Offficial Look At Steve Trevor In Wonder Woman 2


Wonder Woman maker Patty Jenkins shared a photo from the much-awaited movie which answers a question and leads to many more. The photo features Steve Trevor in a shopping mall in the 1980s setting, which is not difficult to figure out courtesy of the 80s fashions in view behind him.

Jenkins captioned the photo “Welcome to WONDER WOMAN 1984, Steve Trevor! #WW84.”

You can have a look at the photo below.

Now there are a few questions which arise out of this visual. The biggest question is how did he manage to survive that plane explosion seen in the first Wonder Woman movie? It is true that he was never shown dying or his body, but, wasn’t it clearly visible that he had died in that aerial explosion?

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Also, Diana spoke about losing her friend in Justice League, although, once again she was not explicit in that scene and never said who that friend was and when exactly did she lose the friend. Therefore, by the time Justice League came, Trevor might have been dead, but, probably not in the plane explosion as implied by the Wonder Woman movie.

The other mystery is about his age as he looks pretty much as young as he was in the Wonder Woman movie, which makes us wonder whether he was given a cryogenic freeze or was in some kind of suspended animation? Apparently, only Wonder Woman2 will answer the questions.

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No matter what, we are delighted to see him return and it is going to be quite funny to see how he will adjust to his new timeline. The 80s is a decade tailor-made for hilarious situations and to put Trevor in the middle of all that is going to take the movie’s entertainment element through the roof.

Wonder Woman 2 will be out on November 1, next year.