Yashahime Video Clip Shows How Towa’s Power Reflects Sesshomaru

Yashahime Video Clip Shows How Towa's Power Reflects Sesshomaru

The fans could only imagine the relationship-dynamics of Sesshomaru and his daughters after the sequel anime to Rumiko Takahashi’s original Inuyasha series was announced. The anime-fans received the biggest surprise of their life when they found out Inuyasha and Sesshomaru have children of their own.

There were many vague ideas regarding Sesshomaru’s half-demon twin daughters, and the sequel is gradually untying the mysterious tangles between the father and the daughters.

There is a new clip of Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon, where the comparison of powers of Sesshomaru and his daughter Towa becomes prominent. Though Towa and Setsuna were compelled to grow up alone, they inherited some powers from their father.


Though Towa’s power reminds the viewers of Sesshomaru as both of them can form lightning dragons with their demonic energy, there are still some questions about the father-daughter relationship.

Episode 4 of the series itself prepares a few more questions to add to the bunch as Sesshomaru was seen being aware of the missions Towa and Setsuna are working on. This confuses the audience more about how the father-daughter relationship works for them.

Many fans assume that there will eventually be a face-off between the daughter and their father at some point in the sequel series. This event may later get tied to Rin’s fate. Though there are certain mysteries about what Sesshomaru feels about his daughters, these comparisons reveal the similarity between the father and daughters. It is an exciting treat for many viewers who wait for father-daughter interaction.