Yazmin Oukhellou Shows Off Her Boobs As She Models A Cut-Out Bikini During Her Vacation In Santorini (11 Pics)

Yazmin Oukhellou Shows Off Her Boobs As She Models A Cut-Out Bikini During Her Vacation In Santorini

Yazmin has clarified that she is happily single, and she is spending her alone time on holiday while exploring herself, as she wants to ‘get to know’ herself better. The reality star was also seen flaunting her ample assets as she wore a metallic cut-out one-piece on Saturday as she basked during her Santorini solo trip.


Yazmin Oukhellou sexy

The 27-year-old TOWIE star looked fabulous as she gave a view of her bronzed skin in a cut-out swimsuit while filming her day at Nikki Beach Resort on social media. The ensemble she wore had a halter neck strap and a cut-out on the bust. Her ample assets and smooth skin could be seen in the snap.


Yazmin Oukhellou hot pic

She wore a striped headband and glamorous gold watch to accessorize her look. She chose a natural makeup look for the day, which illuminated her beautiful facial features. She later tied her tresses in a back hairdo. The reality star is almost done with her trip. She will soon return to the red-list United Arab Emirates from the amber-list Santorini.

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Yazmin Oukhellou sexy pic

She also posted some eye-popping pictures from the Greek island. She is currently enjoying Santorini and residing alone at the four-star Apeiron Blue resort.

The star took her Instagram and spoke with her fans while relaxing in the bed; She said, ‘I’m here in Santorini for the next 11 nights so I can come home but it is so beautiful here, like it’s very coupley, and I’m on my own. It’s nice cos I feel like I haven’t been on my own for a long time and I need to get to know myself and love myself a little bit. But when you’re going for dinner on your own with steak and a bottle of red wine and people keep looking over, waiting to see if my date’s gonna turn up… little bit hmm,’ she said with a grimace.” She added, “I feel like this is a really good eat, love, pray experience,… I really recommend holidaying on your own.’





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