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Yoko Littner is the female hero of the series. She is a young lady from Jeeha’s neighboring town of Littner who had been pursuing the Gunmen that collided with Jeeha Village amid the occasions of Episode 1. She uses a broad scope of guns, most much of the time utilization of which is a long range expert marksman rifle displayed after the Barrett M82. Yoko Littner is described as a charming young lady with red hair, golden eyes and an awe-inspiring figure, expansive fun bosoms, a dainty abdomen, and round voluminous backside. In the principal season, Yoko Littner incidentally had daintily tanned skin because of investing the vast majority of her energy outside in the sun and ordinarily wore a calfskin dark and red fire planned two-piece top that uncover a liberal measure of her bosoms with dark elastic cowhide goods shorts that uncover a lot of her butt cheeks, and a white studded belt. Beneath, Yoko Littner wore child pink thigh-high socks and white mid-calf speed up boots planned with red flares rising up out of her dark soles. She likewise wore dark open-knuckled half-gloves complete with round wrist pieces studded with circular yellow studs. Around her neck, Yoko Littner wore a tall white and pink designed scarf with flimsy red stripes in which she was appeared to keep a magazine for her weapon. In lieu of mark headwear, Yoko Littner wore a white split skull hair extra on the left half of her head to two yellow chopsticks that kept her hair up, the last of which additionally served as weapons.

Seven years after the fall of Tepplin, Yoko Littner’s physical highlights grew completely and the youthful, progressively round and practically charming facial structure that she kept up as a youthful young person developed completely into that of a woman’s. Notwithstanding her increasingly characterized, developed and prepared facial highlights, whatever is left of her body had come to much larger amounts of wellness and turned out to be considerably more charming than previously. At first, Yoko Littner wears an outfit like the previous, anyway with the striking expansion of a dull maroon coat comparable in style to what Simon wore, thigh-high variations of her old boots and no tights. After her official return as a Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren officer, she changes into an outfit made of altogether elastic based lithe material, tweaked with a blend of white, dark and an example of red and yellow stars. Basically a three-piece outfit, the rigging she wears sports a dark cylinder top with substantial yellow-brilliant stars on the bosoms, a white, very adapted, two followed shroud with red accents incorporating a star in the front, and white structure fitting tights with a brilliant star on the external legs, both above and beneath her knees. The tights complete themselves off with associated red heels and a dark Half Back thong piece.



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