75+ Hottest Pictures Of Zoe Kravitz Which Will Cause You To Turn Out To Be Captivated With Her Alluring Body

49 Hot Pictures Of Zoe Kravitz Which Will Leave You Dumbstruck

Last Updated: December 04, 2020

The hottest pictures of Zoe Kravitz will leave you dumbstruck. While we are talking about her beauty, skills, and professional life, we want to now take you on a ride through Zoe Kravitz’s hottest photo gallery.

This curated image gallery will showcase some of the sexiest Zoe Kravitz pictures that will make you fall in love with her. So sit back and enjoy a thrill-ride of Zoe Kravitz’s hottest pictures.  In this section, enjoy our gallery of Zoe Kravitz’s near-nude pictures as well.

Born as Zoë Isabella Kravitz, in the year 1988 on 1st December, Zoe Kravitz is an actress, singer, and model from the city of Los Angeles, California, United States of America.

As the daughter of parents, Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet, both of them are artists, wherein her father is a musician and her mother, an actress. Zoe Kravitz debuted in movies, through her first film, No Reservations, in the year 2007.

Zoe Kravitz got her breakthrough, during the year 2011, when she was cast in the superhero movie, X-Men: First Class, in which she acted as Angel Salvadore. Post the X-Men, Zoe Kravitz acted in The Divergent Series and the movie, Mad Max: Fury Road.

After which, Zoe Kravitz obtained valuable opportunities as she got the chance to lend her performance in supportive roles in blockbuster movies like – The Lego Batman Movie, Harry Potter spin-off movie, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, in addition to the upcoming sequel.

Zoe Kravitz has also acted in various indie-movies, including – Dope and the Aladdin by Adam Green. In the year 2017, Zoe Kravitz was roped into the HBO drama, Big Little Lies.

Apart from acting, Zoe Kravitz was also a brand ambassador for Vera Wang’s range of Princess fragrances, during the year 2009, in addition to modeling for Venus Zine and Elle, to name a few.

Zoe Kravitz is also the front face of the band Lolawolf, in the year 2014 when their debut album, Calm Down was released.

These sexy Zoe Kravitz photos will make you wonder how someone so beautiful could exist. Yes, she is a very sexy woman, and Zoe Kravitz’s bra and breast size prove that she can carry off any dress in style. So, we have also gathered a few Zoe Kravitz bikini and swimsuit featuring Zoe Kravitz’s face and body pictures as well.

Apart from the mind-blowing images that will show you Zoe Kravitz Red carpet images, photos taken of Zoe Kravitz hot images at the beach, and those from her promotional and magazine shoots, we will also show you a few of Zoe Kravitz’s sexiest pictures.

Zoë Kravitz Boobs Size – 34 inches (Watch Zoë Kravitz Boobs Pictures)
Zoë Kravitz Ass Size – 35 inches (Watch Zoë Kravitz Butt Pictures)
Zoë Kravitz Body Measurements – 34″ x 25″ x 35″ (Watch Zoë Kravitz Bikini Pictures)
Date Of Birth – 1 December 1988

1. Kravitz here poses completely topless showing off hints of her juicy breasts.

Zoe Kravitz topless

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2. In this frame, Kravitz has completely transformed herself wearing bold makeup wearing a stunning black ensemble.

Zoe Kravitz sexy picture

3. This snap has Kravitz’ amazing body covered up in a furry garment which brings out her sharp features.

Zoe Kravitz side boobs sexy

4. This black and white snap of Kravitz in a crop top and jeans is soft and sensual at the same time.

Zoe Kravitz white bikini

5. This nude photo of Kravitz is increasing temperatures as she covers her assets with her bare hands eating an apple.

Zoe Kravitz nude

6. The snap is intricate Kravitz appears sexy in her bra but her pose and expressions elevate it into something more.

Zoe Kravitz bikini1

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7. This picture is a masterpiece as it tastefully shows the beautiful back of Kravitz wrapped in beautiful strings.

Zoe Kravitz backless

8. Here Kravitz appears in a beautiful blacktop and her sombre expressions steal the show.

Zoe Kravitz awesome pic

9. The centre stage in this picture is taken by Zoe’s beautiful see-through white top that shows hints of her assets.

Zoe Kravitz awesome pictures

10. This candid of Kravitz showcases her impeccable and toned body perfectly.

Zoe Kravitz beautiful pic

11. This snap screams bohemian with her braids and the entire outfit.

Zoe Kravitz bikini black

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12. Here we capture Kravitz in a Calvin Klein white ensemble looking mischievously at the camera in colourful lighting.

Zoe Kravitz hot photos

13. This candid shows Kravitz strolling happily on the beach in a very colourful two-piece.

Zoe Kravitz sexy pi

14. In this snap, we have Kravitz completely topless with only black marks on her nipples as she poses confidently.

Zoe Kravitz topless (2)

15. Even though the setting is not anything out of ordinary Zoe’s ambience and attitude make it unique as she walks in a green swimsuit with shoes in her hand.

Zoe Kravitz to hot


Zoe Kravitz side boobs

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Zoe Kravitz side boobs 1


Zoe Kravitz sexy bikini


Zoe Kravitz lingerine pic


Zoe Kravitz cleavages sexy


Zoe Kravitz bikini sexy

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Zoe Kravitz hot cleavages


Zoe Kravitz black bikini


Zoe Kravitz cleavages hot


Zoe Kravitz awesome topless


Zoe Kravitz beach (2)

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Zoe Kravitz beach


Zoe Kravitz awesome pics


Zoe Kravitz awesome photos


Zoe Kravitz awesome


Zoe Kravitz beautiful

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Zoe Kravitz beautiful pictures


Zoe Kravitz beautiful pics


Zoe Kravitz feet (2)


Zoe Kravitz feet


Zoe Kravitz legs hot

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Zoe Kravitz hot


Zoe Kravitz hot pictures


Zoe Kravitz hot pics


Zoe Kravitz hot pic


Zoe Kravitz naked

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Zoe Kravitz photoshoot


Zoe Kravitz sexy photos


Zoe Kravitz sexy legs


Zoe Kravitz sexy hot

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Zoe Kravitz sexy pictures


Zoe Kravitz goes for a swim with boyfriend





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Actors who are cast in Marvel and DC movies already gain a leg up in the industry. But those who are cast in both Marvel and DC need just to pay themselves in the back as they surely have something special about them. Kravitz is one of the lucky few to get this opportunity. She appeared in X Men and will now become a part of DCEU with Batman. Her unique wild looks have set her apart from all her contemporaries, which has enabled her to get significant franchises like Harry Potter, DCEU, and Marvel.

In this era of Me Too, every woman is coming out with their stories to show solidarity. Kravitz also spoke up how she felt uncomfortable when a director harassed her when she was 19.






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